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How do I prepare for the easyCBM Winter Benchmark?

  • Double-check / open the Winter window, Admin Tab>System Settings
    • All benchmark windows opened after January should have the current year.
  • ‘First Day’ is when all benchmarks will report regardless of when the test is taken.
    • Example: January 1 would reflect a date when schools are closed.
  • Allow time in your window for absent students / teacher entry.
    • If you tell the teachers that testing should be finished by ‘Friday’, consider leaving the window open until Monday for teachers who might wait for the weekend to input fluency scores, absent students or teachers, etc.
  • It’s best to not change the dates after you’ve set them since Benchmark windows affect the display on Individual Graph Reports.
    • Two to three weeks is the recommended time frame.
    • Weather happens: it’s best to get all students tested vs. not changing windows.  Move out the end date if needed.
  • Redistribute district-specific easyCBM information to the campuses and teachers.
    • Benchmark tests to be taken: All available? Specific tests?
    • Benchmark testing time frames: start and end date, lab schedule, etc.
    • ‘Go-To-Contact’ for easyCBM questions at their campus
  • Students are still able to be assessed on Progress Monitoring measures when the Benchmark window is open.
Last Updated: January 16th, 2017
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