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Renewals: Can we pay early or late?

Renewals are due July 1st and run through the school year, July 1-June 30.

  • Yes, you are welcome to send the order prior to July 1st.  If you wish to have the invoice prior to July 1, please let us know, as the invoice is normally sent July 1 for those orders received early.
  • Some districts can only begin purchases orders on July 1st so we understand that orders may trickle in through August. Please respond to the renewal email and let us know your time frame.
  • Please email us and keep us in the loop if there is a delay in your district – we will begin shutting down easyCBM sites after September 1st if we haven’t heard from the district.  This really isn’t ideal for us or you during the back-to-school rush, as the reactivation process takes time.
Last Updated: August 26th, 2021
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