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Where do I find the answer keys?

Progress Monitoring Measures

Answer keys are not provided for the progress monitoring measures.  Student scores for the paper/pencil version of the Proficient Reading and the math measures can be hand entered into the computer.  The computer will automatically score the test responses and graph the results.  By entering each student response rather than entering a total score, you will be able to see how students performed item by item.

To view the actual student test that shows the correct/incorrect answers, log in to your account, click the “Reports” tab, click the name of the group, and highlight the “CBMs” measure the group completed.  Then, scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Students” section.  There, to the right of each student name, click “View Test” to access the test the student completed.  View the correct response for each question as well as the incorrect response the student chose.

Benchmark Tests

To locate the benchmark assessment answer keys, log in to your account, click the “Measures” tab, then click the “Benchmark” tab.  The answer keys are accessible in the “Combined Booklets” column on the left.

Last Updated: August 30th, 2021
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