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Can easyCBM be used with high school students?

Yes, when students are at an 8th grade instructional level or below, easyCBM can be used for tracking growth.

Since the system only has benchmark screeners for students in grades K-8th these measures would not be available for online administration to grades 9-12 students within the platform.

However, the 8th grade screener benchmarks could be administered using paper/pencil administration outside of the easyCBM platform to establish a baseline. The Progress Monitoring Scoring Guideline will provide guidance to where the student is performing in relation to the percentile ranges and help determine a student’s current instructional and performance level.

Entering high school students as eighth graders into the system will skew your overall reporting for your 8th grade, as there is no way to pull those students out separately. Additionally, any student entered as an eighth grader would then need to be either retained in the system the following school year, if they would be returning for additional RTI.  Benchmarks can only be administered to students one time as they are assigned at their enrolled grade level. Best practice is to enter high school students at their current grade.

Last Updated: January 3rd, 2023
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