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Can the font size be adjusted?

There are some options to increase font size, depending on the grade and measure you choose and the type of computer platform (Windows/Mac). If using paper pencil, the test can be printed and copies can be made at a larger size.

Basic and Proficient Reading Comprehension measures: When a student logs in to take their selected reading assessment, and the measure appears on the screen, look in the upper right corner.  Here you will see three As of varying sizes. Select a larger size A, and the print on the assessment will increase.

Other measures: For online testing, the student can use their computer’s zoom capability to enlarge the size of the math problems to what a student prefers/needs. For a Mac, you can hold down the Command key and press either the plus or minus key to zoom in/out, respectively (i.e., Cmd +/-). In Windows, for online fluency measures, use the zoom in/out features that opens in a new tab after selecting the pdf for a given measure.

Last Updated: January 4th, 2023
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