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Administering benchmark assessments

About Benchmark Assessments

Benchmark assessments are administered on-grade level only.  The system will not allow for off-grade level testing.  For a student performing below their grade level, administer the progress monitoring measures instead.


Taking a Benchmark Assessment

The district easyCBM administrator will set the benchmark window, typically 2-3 weeks in length.  Click the “Measures” tab and identify in the “Benchmarks” tab where the black arrow is pointing.

When the benchmark window is open, have students go online and take a test (which is scored and entered automatically).

Students go to the website address highlighted in blue in the “Measures” section. This address will be: username. They will then be able to choose their tests from a drop-down menu (like assessments in the Progress Monitoring section). Only on-grade tests will be available to them.

Proficient Reading or Basic Reading, Vocabulary, and Mathematics will be taken online. Fluency measures are administered one-on-one and the assessor enters the results on the “Measures” tab, “Enter (season) Scores” link.



Last Updated: August 30th, 2021
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