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How do I view a student’s test responses and see their score and percentages?

You can view the actual student test, which shows the correct/incorrect answers, by going to “Reports” and clicking on the Individuals tab. There you will find a list of students. Choose the name of the student whose test you wish to view. Check the desired measure you would like to view or scroll down to the desired measure. Below the graph is a chart listing the CBM measures completed with a column View Test. If there is a test available to view, a blue “View” link will be accessible and you will be directed to the actual test the student took with both correct and incorrect answers.

On the chart there are other columns including the number of correct responses over the total answers with the percent correct in parenthesis, a column for ROI, and an unnamed column at the end which shows the student’s accuracy percentage on early fluency measures when entered online.

Last Updated: April 26th, 2023
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