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Math Read-Aloud Feature

All of the math items on easyCBM include a read-aloud option, but it does not describe any pictures or graphs that might be included in the item.

The questions where no words are given are written that way intentionally, as part of the system’s incorporation of Universal Design for Assessment (UDA). In each case, sufficient information is given by the use of the mathematical symbols and the answer options. One of the guiding principles of the design used to construct the tests was to eliminate words that were not essential; this design feature helps reduce the risk that the scores of students with reading disabilities and English learners will be artificially deflated as a result of misunderstanding the words.

Students access this feature when they login online and take their assigned test.

Once a student has accessed their math test, the first screen they are directed to assists them in enabling the sound/read-aloud feature. After conducting a sound test, this feature will be enabled for a student.

Last Updated: January 4th, 2023
Filed under: Math Measures