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Why are the percentile lines not appearing?

Usually if student scores do not appear on graphs and reports, the benchmark window date range setting may need to be adjusted by the easyCBM Head Admin under System Settings.

Additionally, you may have filtered to view a single year.  In the top right corner of the individual student report are three buttons: This Year, Last Year, All Data. Select the date range of student data to view. Scores appear once a benchmark is taken for the year.

Each percentile line is made by drawing two lines between three underlying data points (the three points being the corresponding scores for fall, winter, and spring and then drawing lines from fall to winter and winter to spring). The three points of a percentile line match the “First Day” date for each of fall, winter, and spring (thus the percentile line starts the first day of fall and stops the first day of spring).  Note that the “Last Day” dates do not affect the lines.

There is no percentile data beyond spring or over the summer because we do not have benchmark tests for those time periods.

Last Updated: August 30th, 2021
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