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Where is the Item Analysis for math?

The Item Analysis provides the general domain or math construct.  The Item Analysis can be found by going to the Reports tab and select “Group.” Then, click on the appropriate Math test completed, and scroll down the page to “Item Analysis”, which is where the type description, the number of students with the correct response, and group percentage is listed.

Although the items on the easyCBM math assessments are all written to align with specific content standards, when we examine their functioning in relation to each other and to overall math performance, it becomes clear that they are most reliable when used as indicators of general math knowledge and skill rather than specific knowledge linked to particular content standards. For them to give a reliable indication of student skill / lack of skill on a particular content standard, we would need to increase the number of items measuring each individual standard, with a subsequent increase in test length, and this defeats one of the key goals of progress monitoring — that of having frequent short measures of progress over time toward the whole year’s worth of general math knowledge / skill.

If a greater level of detail is desired, please look at the technical reports. In the technical report is the Proficient Math Item Alignment document which breaks down the problems by domain, cluster, and standard. Here is a link to the document.

Here is the document to see the focal point and domain for each item in the Basic Math measures.  NCTM Test Alignment

However, we recommend not trying to look at the very specific standards to which the questions are written.  Rather, look at the general domain, as the specific standards will be less reliable/have more standard error of measure because there is only one item.  The more general domain will have multiple items aligned to it, and will therefore provide more reliable information.

Last Updated: August 30th, 2021
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