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Spanish measures

Spanish language literacy measures are available for kindergarten through grade 2 through the District version of easyCBM.

The Spanish measures were developed specifically to be appropriate for assessing students receiving literacy instruction in Spanish and are authentic Spanish literacy measures rather than translations of English measures. In Kindergarten, Syllable Segmenting and Syllable Sounds are the two measures available. Grade 1 includes these measures, as well as Word Reading Fluency and Sentence Reading Fluency. Word and Sentence Reading Fluency measures are available for grade 2.

These measures are components of both the Benchmark and Progress Monitoring assessments. Each of the Spanish literacy measure types includes three Benchmark and ten progress-monitoring forms for kindergarten through grade 2. The specific test types offered are based on three years of research at the University of Oregon to identify and develop CBMs specifically addressing the ways in which Spanish literacy develops.

Last Updated: December 3rd, 2015
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