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Student measures

There are two types of student measures, those scored and entered by a teacher and those that are taken online and scored by the computer.  Some progress monitoring reading measures, which are timed, can be administered, scored, and entered by the teacher.  Other measures like math and Proficient Reading can be taken by the student either online or by paper and pencil.

For security reasons, answer keys are not provided for progress monitoring measures.

Student scores for the paper and pencil testing can be entered into the computer by the teacher. The computer will automatically score the test responses and graph the results. By entering each student response rather than merely a total score, you will be able to see how students performed item by item.

Benchmark tests are actually screeners and are given to students at their grade level to see where they are academically compared to students in their own grade level at a particular time of year. They are intended to be used to identify students most in need of instructional interventions.

Although we do not have a single test or screener that will pinpoint exactly where the student should start, we do have tools available to help determine students’ academic needs.  These tools provide a baseline from which to evaluate the impact of the different instructional interventions and approaches used to improve skill level in both reading and math.  The goal of the program is to help students work towards performance at the 50th on grade level measures. The easyCBM assessments were developed for students in grades K-8.

Last Updated: August 30th, 2021
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