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Uploading a student roster

You must be the easyCBM Head Admin to upload roster files.  Usually there are 2-3 easyCBM Head Admins per district.

To find the roster upload feature, log in to your account and click the “Admin” tab. Locate the “Student Records” section and select “Upload Student Roster File.”  Follow the instructions for student roster file format.

Next, select the “Choose File” button to select your student roster file.  Click the gray “Import/Sync Student Roster” button.

Here are a few items about a roster upload.

1.) The roster must be in the in the csv (comma separated values) format of Excel. This means the formatting is removed from the file.  The file extension will appear as .csv.  The templates are located in the “Resources” tab in the “Head Admin Resources” section.

2.) The column headers in the roster file must match the ones listed in the upload instructions.
Student ID, Last Name, First Name, Grade, Gender, SPED, Ethnicity, Race, ELL

3.) If you are uploading a roster to an account that has existing students, there are additional considerations.

a. The uploading roster must have the names of all of the students you want in your account. This means both the new students and the existing students in your account must be including on the importing roster. This is important for the existing students to stay active in the account with their data.

b. The existing students must have the unique, non-recycled  ID# that is assigned to them in the original files. If this ID# does not match in the roster file, the system will consider the student two different people and the data will reflect this situation.


Last Updated: August 31st, 2021
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